Why partner with Aspire?

Unfortunately, over the last 8 years, poverty levels have risen exponentially. 1 in 5 people are living in relative poverty in Northern Ireland. Resulting in 103,400 children today, in Northern Ireland are living in poverty. When we started Aspire, this figure was only at 69,000. So now, more than ever, young people need our help and support.

Aspire doesn't have a product to sell, or money to make outside of partnerships and funding. We rely on strong partners, to help us work with more young people, across Northern Ireland. The only way, we can work with more young people is by hiring more staff to facilitate sessions, run academies and build relationships in the community. To do this, we need to be able to fund wages and other expenses.

If you are considering partnering with Aspire, no matter how big or small. Please know, it means a lot to us that you are considering. We endeavour to make your decision as simple as possible. We are open to having conversations, sharing information and being on hand to help you as you decide if partnering with Aspire, is the right decision for your company.

How to partner with Aspire

We have several ways you can choose to partner with us. Whilst financial support,
is the biggest difference a company can make to Aspire, it is by no means the only way
to support us. We hope there is an option available that best suits how you could partner
with us. If there isn't and you feel there is another way that you might be able to help
us, please contact us and we would be happy to chat.

One off donation

You can make a one off donation on behalf of your company or organisation.
Your valued donation will support Aspire as we continue to grow across Northern Ireland and work in more Schools.


Monthly giver

Partnering with Aspire to give monthly is one of the most impactful ways to partner with us.
Partnering monthly gives us access to consistent funds to allow us to confidently make decisions.

Give Monthly


Encourage your team to carry out fundraisers for the benefit of Aspire. We can provide information packs on selecting Aspire for your fundraiser.
We can also share ideas on what other companies have done for us.

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Gift in kind

Donating a gift in kind is a valuable way to support Aspire as it opens us up to expertise we don't always have in house.
We are happy to discuss how a gift in kind might be able to support us.

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Our in-school sessions always require volunteers as sometimes the size of our sessions are too big for just 1 or 2 people.
You can also provide volunteers for fundraisers we host through the year.

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CSR Partner

Making Aspire your charity of the year or CSR partner for long term goals is a great way to benefit both Aspire and your company.
We can host sessions in your office about poverty in NI and education.

Get Started

How to get started

To get started, simply select one of the options above that works for you and your company.
Alternatively, use the button below to access our corporate partnership request form, simply
fill it out and we can arrange a conversation to discuss the opportunity further.

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