Who we are


Aspire NI exists to work with children in Northern Ireland in poverty to help close the educational attainment gap that exists between rich and poor. We are a faith driven charity based in Craigavon, Northern Ireland that work with local youth workers and churches to provide free services for children from lower income families to support and equip them in education.


Aspire is established to help close the educational attainment gap by partnering with schools and relevant agencies to: 


  1. Provide relationships that enable young people to recognise their skills and full potential.
  2. Provide facilitators to encourage young people in education and help them to take ownership of their own education.
  3. Help those from lower income families by providing free tuition services
  4. Help young people to learn outside of the classroom by providing fun-based educational activities outside of school hours.
  5. Give young people the opportunity to explore faith.